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Senin, 01 Juni 2009

The Pleasant day

Was finished came home from university, continued I ate in the stall ate together my mother, continued I came home the house, and gave food to fish in the fish-pond previously before entering the house, after that, I was opened with locked in the door to the house. continued I the substitute for clothes, continued I smsed an, continued I at once played the computer and met my friend that I smsed to him. continued playing counter strike with him, finally we became the couple in game, not original him how come.. continued I prayed, continued I ate dinner, continued I watched television, continued I at once played the computer again, continued I slept the night, tomorrow, I got up the morning, I gave food to hamster, continued I played the computer, continued I gave food to fish, continued my afternoon got ready to go to class, continued his night I came home, tasted tired but pleasant also..!

Tomorrow, I received the long holiday that is the holiday during 30 days.. kwokwok.... relaxed I, I always played the computer, but I indeed most dammit, that is the computer made me annoyed, because lacenty him was really high, so I was annoyed. finally lacenty descended also, I was relieved... I playing counter strike continued with my couple... bored ne audition him because broken, so already not could play again.. huhuhuh, indeed most DAMMIT!!!!! Hore, finally tomorrow I will to PIM with friends, celebrate the birthday of my friend that to 16... pengen ate the cake cake, but his contents that is strowberry, not was glad...!

Nah, continued the story from me, after coming home from PIM tonight, I bathed with hot water, continued I the substitute for clothes, then I at once played the computer while eating the snack, but the struggle was the same the older brother because of wanting to play the computer. huhuhuh, dammit the older brother... the older brother Ma the egoist, kasar,bertingkah the behaviour not polite.. but sweet also if he according to the order the two parents. but he most made me easy very angry. coz if I was very angry he, he Ma quiet continued and brave... also closed his ears although not heard.. ice we te!! Continued he the sweet iced tea love to the two parents, parents really love, swt, parents chose the older brother. not I!! Huhuhuh!!

My time still the long holiday, I played the computer, suddenly I was asked by the two parents to to the safari park. greated, the older brother not went along because he must spend the night in the friend's house.. wkawkwka... greated if not had the older brother... could be calm I, not the struggle played the computer and busy in the safari park.. usually, if to the tourist attraction, my older brother was always busy and noisy to me to buy food... swt dah, not could be calm I if having the older brother. also he rustled very much, even sang continued to rustle again, his voice shouted and really hard. then I not kept again if having the older brother. it seems I pengen expelled my older brother from the house.. kwakwawk....

Continue the story from me ah.. Although you knew how come! But I only used English... You could read this?? I just came to Indonesia from America and Japan, still could not Indonesian. Sorry if this article English. Nah, this related: hu uh.. I was very bored being alone in the house, but only together hamster and fish... Apparently pengen wanted to the tourist attraction with friends... But, finally tomorrow again I was asked to the tourist attraction that is the BUNDER MOUNTAIN... Available in Bogor... just the first time I to the tourist attraction that was in Indonesia... But, the older brother went along.. Swt.. He made my same storm, also asked collided was the same me.. Swt dah.. The struggle took corn burnt... Continued I playing, he was egoistic, he playing first... Continued to have lunch, Ma he took food until was finished, I only ate a little. He Ma ate a great number... Tonight, finally I could be calm...

Thank you in the reader the story from me, later another time will be told by me to you again.. thank you very much yes...

Minggu, 31 Mei 2009


Sebagian dari kalian pasti sudah ada yang tahu kertas naskah untuk menggambar komik kan.Bagi yang belum tahu saya akan beri tahu.
Inilah kertas naskahnya.............
Kertas naskah komik sangat susah di cari tapi pada umumnya sebagian banyak orang menggunakan kertas ukuran A4 yang di beri garis tepi.Mudah-mudahan kertas naskah komik bisa beredar atau di jual di Indonesia.

Ada 2 macam pena yang di gunakan untuk menggambar komik yaitu G-pen dan MARU-pen.
gambar di samping adalah G-pen,harga G-pen sangat mahal karena G-pen adalah pena original dari negara Jepang.Kegunaan G-pen yaitu untuk menggambar rambut,mata dan lekuk wajah.

dan ini adalah MARU-pen digunakan untuk menggambar latar belakang,harga MARU-pen juga mahal lho karena pena negara Jepang.

Kalau kalian tidak punya G-pen atau MARU-pen kalian boleh gunakan DRAWING-pen atau ROTRING.Kalau untuk DRAWING-pen pilihlah yang berukuran 0,1 atau 0,2,kalau untuk ROTRING pilih yang berukuran 0,1,ROTRING juga digunakan untuk menggambar latar belakang.
gambar di bawah ini adalah ROTRING.

kalau ini adalah DRAWING-pen.Kalau untuk DRAWING-pen jangan lupa pilih yang WATERPROOF atau anti air,selain itu DRAWING-pen harganya lebih terjangkau.

Screentone sangat di butuhkan untuk membuat komik.SCREENTONE digunakan untuk memperbagus latar belakang agar terlihat indah dan nyata.SCREENTONE modelnya ada 2 macam yaitu:
ini adalah SCREENTONE tempel.....motifnya ada banyak jadi usahakan punya semuanya,tapi sayang di Indonesia SCREENTONE sulit di cari.
dan ini SCREENTONE yang bentuknya seperti pena.

MC-KEE pen digunakan untuk menghitamkan latar belakang selain SCREENTONE ini juga dapat memperindah latar belakang.
MC-KEE....(maaf gambarnya kecil)
Tinta putih kegunaannya banyak seperti:
a.memberi efek pada latar belakang.
b.memberi efek warna putih pada mata karakter.
tinta putih nya yang waterproof ya......
kalau untuk tinta pen pilihlah tinta cina karena mutunya bagus.

Pensil digunakan untuk menggambar sketsa kasar komik pilih yang berukuran 0,5 dengan mat pensil 0,01.
ini contoh nya.
Kalau untuk penghapus pilih penghapus yang lunak agar jika di hapus bisa bersih dan tidak membuat kertas sobek.
penghapus lunak.

Sabtu, 30 Mei 2009

Glad to have made your acquaintance, I Hikari

Hello.. How are you all? I Hikari, Komikus. My hobby only could draw manga the comic... my dream was to become the writer of the comic... below this had my artificial photograph, I wanted to be friends with the person that komikus or the person's hobby that could draw manga the comic.. I just came to Indonesia from Japan, previously I had become assistant komikus that drew Hai,Miiko! That the name of the comic...

Anime_Comic_By Hikari^^